Monday, November 9, 2009

Okay so I am in politics of Identity right now and I am very bored. Ithink I am going to the gym tonight but we will see. I asked Holly if she wanted to go but she has yet to reply. But I hate going alone. All I had today was a cinnamon bagel with cream cheese and a large diet coke. I'm kinda hungry but not really. If I do go to the gym tonight it is probably just going to the be the Eliptical or the treadmill. I'm not really feeling a class tonight. I will save that for Tuesday. Pat came here to suprise Katy on Saturday instead of staying at his house and having a party while his parents went away. It was nice but I think it was rude. He completely disregarded the fact that it is not just katys place and that she lives with three other people. I know its not that big of a deal but it just annoys me that he thinks he can come here whenever he feels like it without asking Katy or any of us. This class is kind of interesting but I really just dont care about identity politics. I really want to start running and I know I always say it but I DO want to. So why don't I? I have no fucking idea. This is going to be a boring week and I already can't wait for the weekend, and it's onlt Monday =( I'm trying to think about what I want for dinner tonight but really everything here just sickens me anymore. I can't eat another cheeseburger from J and H. I really think Alissa is letting herself go. She puts cheese on her fries all the time. Yeah it tastes good but it is just so disgusting and im sure its horrible for you. She sits in her bed on her laptop all day on youtube and facebook. Any time I ask her to go to the gym she acts like its the worst thing ever. Like, I know im not skinny but atleast im putting forth some sort of effort. She is getting bigger too. I can see her stomach getting bigger. And its not that shes even fat, but like, whaddup freshman fifteen! I have lost weight since I've been here which I am proud of and hopefully I will be skinny by next semester.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Once again here I am procrastinating on yet another english paper. I am writing about Oprah and I am currently at a loss for words. This weekend was amazing. Probably one of the best weekends of my life. It was Halloween and I went to a party on Friday and then another party on Saturday. The first party was at this kid named Ramons house on 17th and Oxford. I went to a couple parties there before an always had fun. I didn't reallly think about dressing up because it wasn't actually Halloween yet but when we met up with the other people we were going with, they were all in full costume. Needless to say I felt like an asshole. But whatever, after an hour no one knew what anyone was wearing anyway. While we were there, we saw TJ Capobianco which was probably one of the most random fucking things that has ever happened to me. He was wasted, but I was too so everything way fine. We saw him while we were waiting in line for the bathroom and I told him to sing and all of the sudden he sings the loudest note ever in the smallest most echo-y hallway ever. Everyone was pissed but I thought it was hilar. The beer ran out kind of early so we didn't stay ridiculously long, as we usually do. We walked home (making fools of ourselves im sure) and came back to the dorm. Say Yes to the Dress ( one of mine and Katys faorite shows) was on so we watched that while we were drunk then we just fell asleep. We slept in ridiculously late then woke up and were all starving and thirsty so we went to J and H for lunch. When we got there we sat and talked and laughed about the night before (as we usually do.) After that, we came back to the dorm and me and Alissa went to South Street because we needed Halloween costumes. I ended up just wearing a ight blue dress and red shoes that I already had, and I bought some stockings and a basket with a stuffedpuppy in it and went as Dorothy. Katy was an angel and Alissa was a pirate. Pat was at Drexel for the weekend so he came in for Halloween to go to a party, but he didn't dress up. I felt stupid as I was getting ready but once I got out I really didn't care at all. We met up with Ali Zimmerman and Tara McNulty and went to Bobs house (where we had gone a few times before.) We got our cups and went downstairs and the first person I see is Ann Rejrat from Nay Aug. Totally random right? Then, as I was waiting at the Keg, I saw Mike Zangardi and talked to him for a little. Then later I ran into Serena Kearny who I went to elementaray school with and havent seen since about 5th grade. Then I was standing with my friends and I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around and saw Billy Schultz so I gave him the biggest hug ever. Then we talked for a minute and he left because he was playing beer pong and it was his turn. Then 2 minutes later I felt another tap on my shoulder and it was Billy again, so we hugged again ( we were both quite drunk at this point). Then we were stil hugging and he looked at Katy and Alissa and was like "I know you guys, but Sarah is my best friend" Then we talked some more and then Empire State of Mind came on so me and all of my friends were freaking out and singing. The rest of the night was ridiculous and I'm going to write more but I have a paper to write and only 10 hours to do it!